Perx Technologies

My Role
UI UX Design
Web Development

Perx is the top rewards app in Singapore, with over 400,000 users using the app to obtain rewards from from 200+ merchants, including Asia’s first mobile mass-transit rewards platform.

I was tasked with redesigning the Perx website and parts of the Perx app. It was crucial for me to gain a full understanding of the product. After discussions with the Product Lead and Customer Service team, I could begin to map out the app, and to hone in on sections where the experience could be improved.


I conducted interviews with several Perx users. I observed their actions while they performed a set of instructions that I gave them. This allowed me to pinpoint parts of the design that were unclear to them, and to identify their pain points.

I reworked the Reward pages, making it easier to navigate between the reward and the merchant information. I also decided to simplify the information by breaking down large parts of text, and placing key details first.


Website Redesign
I worked on the redesign of the Perx website as well. The process involved studying the existing sitemap of the website, and simplifying how the information is laid out.

One key aspect of the redesign was to enable each group of audience (app users, merchants, enterprise customers) to easily find the relevant information they needed. The website was built on the WordPress CMS to allow ease of updating.