Dezan Shira & Associates

Dezan Shira & Associates is a pan-Asia professional services firm, providing legal, tax and operational advisory to international investors. They are publish significant and well received business intelligence about each of the markets where they operate.

The objective of the redesign is to help customers find the right information on their website, and subsequently direct them to the services that Dezan Shira provides, thus generating new leads.

My Role

I carried out the redesign of their website. I worked on improving the information architecture, and creating mockups for various page templates and components.



I worked with my client to understand how the current website was performing. I wanted to find out who their target audience was, the user journey, and if there are any missed opportunities. 

I learnt that their target user would visit the website for research purposes (e.g. information on opening a business in Asia). The user might only be interested in their service offerings on their next visit. The website needs to cater for the user to take action once they are ready to (e.g. get in touch for business advisory services).

I reviewed the current layout and content of each page, noting down sections that could be reordered or improved upon.


Sketching ideas for the homepage layout


To make the services pages easier to scan and read, I used accordions to nest several sections. Icons were used to simplify and break up long lists of text.

To enable users to easily make an enquiry, I added CTA links near the top and towards the end of each page. We decided on 3 key CTAs: To send an enquiry via the contact form, get in touch with their personnel, or to visit their offices.


Mega-menu style navigation bar


Tab-style sections in place of long content


Responsive pricing table with tooltips on hover


The redesigned website was given a vibrant and modern look, while enabling users to navigate and find the right content or service easily. The update also created opportunity for new leads.