Designing a tool to help professionals create charts easily

UI/UX Design
Ruby on Rails app

BizWiz was created as part of my final group project at Le Wagon coding bootcamp. It was designed, built and launched within 2 weeks.

The Problem

Finance professionals have a time-consuming task of creating charts for their presentations. They have to copy and paste data between different programs, which may be error-prone. They also have to fix the formatting, and sometimes create the charts from scratch if no template is available.

The Solution

A web application that automates the chart creation process. The user uploads their documents, and the charts will be generated automatically. The user can also customise their chart by selecting a chart-type or edit the data.

The user can either export an image of a single chart, or export all the charts as a PowerPoint presentation. A QR code is available for each link if the user needs to share the charts with colleagues.